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BLT Custom Film Breakdowns are clipped and recorded by current NCAA Basketball Coaches 

  • Film Breakdowns are extremely detailed and intensive, involving analysis of offense, defense, and leadership performance.

  • Our coaches review your film multiple times before editing, in order to ensure appropriate specific, detailed feedback.

  • Film Breakdowns take 2-3 times as long as the film duration to do -- so breaking down a 60 minute film often takes 3 or more hours of work to complete.

  • Our coaches serve BLT clients with the same intense attention-to-detail they do their own college basketball players.

  • Due to constraints on gym space and access, college coaches are rarely available for this type of personal, individualized work with high school and youth players.

This type of personal, intensive, detailed one-on-one feedback from active NCAA Basketball Coaches is ONLY available through BLT Film Breakdowns.
Pricing Structure
Individual Film Breakdowns
NCAA Head Coach: $75 per 30 minutes of individual film breakdown
NCAA Assistant Coach: $60 per 30 minutes of individual film breakdown
Individual Film Bundles
NCAA Head Coach: $375 for 3 breakdowns (up to 60m each) - SAVE $75
NCAA Assistant Coach: $300 for 3 breakdowns (up to 60m each) - SAVE $50
Team Film Breakdowns*
NCAA Head Coach: $250 per game film
NCAA Assistant Coach: $200 per game film
*Team Film Breakdowns include a phone consultation w/your team's head coach
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