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Developing Players, Cultivating Leadership, Giving Back

BLT is an organization that fundamentally seeks to use basketball as a means to develop the next generation of leaders-- young men and women who will make a positive difference on their teams, in their communities, and in the world at large. We bridge the gap between the collegiate coaching world and youth basketball, providing young players with unique mentorship opportunities with college coaches and players. We support the development of both boys and girls of all ability/experience levels, from youth basketball through high school.

As a non-profit subsidiary of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), we are dedicated to reinvesting in the basketball community. Net proceeds from all BLT events, camps, clinics, and film breakdowns are donated back to non-profit basketball organizations, charities, and causes which serve underserved youth and families. 

BLT is not involved in college recruitment of prospective student athletes, and does not offer any type of recruiting service.  

BLT works to partner with community leaders and businesses to provide our training opportunities at reduced or no cost for economically disadvantaged families.

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